How to play 13 Monsters - A video turorial

13 Monsters is a board game that requires skill, a good memory and a bit of luck. Come up with the perfect strategy as you collect, fight or trade for the parts you need to create your own ultimate monster. If you do not have such a fighter yet, just keep looking for monster sets in the playing field, but never let your guard down! Other players will never stop building their own army of perfect monsters, even if they have to attack you with everything they’ve got.

Will you manage to create your own monsters in time to defend what’s yours and beat your opponents or will your ill-advised strategy cost you an arm and a leg? The scientist who collects the most Health Points or becomes an “Elemental Master” wins the game!

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How to play

Find a monsterset

13 Monsters is a game that tests your memory. You can find and complete monster sets by turning over the right cards. With these monster sets, you can build different types of monsters. 


You finally have some monster sets, but unfortunately not enough to build a monster yet. Before you start searching for monster sets again, you can trade monster sets with other players or rearrange your monster sets by means of the special power Sacrifice.

Special power

You have created one or more monsters! You can now use different special powers. What these are depends on the type of monster you have created. There are four special powers: Sacrifice, Permafrost, Prophet and Supernova. 


Once you have a complete monster, things will get really interesting! You can now attack your fellow players’ monsters or monster sets. You can only attack once per turn, so choose your opponent wisely! 


Do you have four Master Monsters with a different element each? Then you win the game instantly, regardless if there are still cards on the playing field! The 13th monster has the element ‘Ghost’ and therefore also counts as one of the four Master Monsters with an unique element.

When there are no more playing cards left on the playing field the game has ended. The player with the most Health Points wins the game. So it isn’t the one with the most cards.