Missed our KS campaign?
No Problem!

We've gotten a bunch of requests from people who'd like to pre-order 13 Monsters directly from us, because they either don't own a creditcard or missed their chance to back us on Kickstarter. While it's too late for those KS exclusive rewards, you can still order the game for the same low price. Please note: This option will be available until the first batch of games ship. After that we'll stick to the MSRP.

Please check our Kickstarter page for more detailed product descriptions and shipping fees!

What you need to know:
  • The Kickstarter campaign has been funded, we expect to ship in the second half of January
  • Pre-order using your favorite payment method, the amount will be kept safe on Mollie.nl
  • Shipping fees are flat and will be automatically calculated for your country as you check-out
  • We'll contact you for more detailed information soon after your pre-order is complete
  • We're a very public, trustworthy company, look us up here if you're doubtful ;-)
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