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Why kickstarter?

Ordering through Kickstarter means there's little to no risk involved for you as a backer/customer. You won't be charged until our game actually goes into production. If we somehow don't manage to get enough 'pre-orders', you won't have to pay. But we do need your pre-orders, as many of them as possible before the 20th of December! Once we've reached our initial goal, we'll start production immediately, and you'll get the game sooner.

Still - everyone who's played the game so far agrees that it's more than ready to be sold online and at retail. It's true that our game was pretty much perfected by the time we decided to introduce our 13 Monsters to the world. After two years of development, we started attending (very) small boardgame gatherings and conventions to test the general public's reception and adjust our marketing strategy as we went along.
There are multiple review-copies of our game floating around the globe as we speak, so expect a surge of reviews, let's plays and quotes soon! But our goal has always been to launch on Kickstarter.

Not for the money, but for the challenge (and the fame)! Launching our game through Kickstarter pushes us to rapidly expand within the tabletop gaming community, attend as many conventions as we can while giving fans of the game the chance to back us on Kickstarter right away.

As an indie/first-time game publisher, a successful Kickstarter campaign will help us convince retailers that there's a lot of interest in the game from consumers, not just in this beautiful game, but the 13 Monsters brand as a whole. 

No risk for you, no need for us to fill our office with thousands of copies of the game while we try to sell to retailers across the globe. Kickstarter means straight from us, the creators, to you, the consumer, all we need is a little faith and a little patience from you. 

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13 Monsters

What you get

A beautifully illustrated tabletop party game about the creation and destruction of monstrous beings. This game can be won by having the best memory, being the most aggressive and sometimes even by just being the most likable person in the room.

Trust us, any of these tactics can greatly influence the outcome of every game.

Average playtime
  • 45 - 75 min
  • 2 - 8
  • €29,95 (ex. shipping)
  • 78 Tiles
  • 05 Dice
  • 01 Game manual
  • 05 Cheatsheets
  • ∞ hours of fun
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Dutch

What other people say

Searching for monsters is fun, but using them to attack people is the best!

Jonathan van B.